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InterEvol help  

Three tools available with the InterEvol database

1 - General Scope and Methods.

2 - Browsing of the InterEvol Database.

3 - Building Interolog Multiple Sequence Alignments.

4 - Coupled Analysis of Sequence Alignments and 3D structures at Protein Complex Interfaces.

1 - General Scope and Methods

2 - Browsing of the InterEvol Database


Panel 1: Manipulation and Global View of Complex Architecture

Example for a binary complex (2c35)

Overview of the InterEvol information sheet for a given PDB

Detailed description of every panel is provided below


Panel 2 : General Structural Information


Panel 3a :  If a  NODE  (CHAIN) is  clicked in Panel 1


Panel 3b :  If an  EDGE  (INTERFACE) was  clicked in Panel 1


Panel 4a : If a  NODE  (CHAIN) was  clicked in Panel 1


Panel 4b : If an  EDGE  (INTERFACE) was clicked in Panel 1


3 - Building Interolog Mulltiple Sequence Alignments.

InterEvolAlign server, is designed to generate
two multiple sequence alignments
 for the sequences of two partners
known to interact throughout evolution

1. Generation of a multiple sequence alignment for both sequences with mirroring common species.
2. Search for homologs and remote homologs for every alignment against the InterEvol database using HHsearch.

1. Multiple sequence alignments

2. Searching against the InterEvol database

Example of an output obtained with the examples provided in the query page

4 - Coupled Analysis of Alignments and of 3D Structures at Protein Complex Interface.

Visit the InterEvol PyMOL plugin to learn about this tool