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Welcome to InterEvol database !

InterEvol database is designed for the analysis of co-evolution events at the interface
of known structures of hetero- and homo-oligomers

The database can be search and analyzed through 3 interconnected levels of analysis

From a Keyword or the PDB entry of a complex, you can browse:

  • structural homologs for every chain in other complexes
  • structural interologs for every interface
  • retrieve pre-computed sequence alignments in diverse species
Browse the InterEvol Database

From 1 or 2 sequences of interacting partners:

  • build 2 multiple sequence alignments with the same species ordered in each
  • query the InterEvol database with alignments using profile-profile comparison method
Run InterEvolAlign

Visualize structure vs sequence alignment at the complex interface

  • A dedicated Pymol plugin is provided
  • Alignment views in Pymol are interactively restricted to the residues selected at the interface

Get the Pymol plugin

Scoring models of docked complexes using evolution

  • Evaluate models likelihood using multi-body statistical potential coupled to evolution
  • Cluster ensembles of solutions

Get InterEvScore Potential