Polarisation and Simulation (Molecular Dynamics)

Download Polaris(MD)

This is the beta version of the POLARIS(MD) website that is still under construction.


Pre-compiled binaries will be soon provided for all production releases. Due to current licensing restrictions with FFTW, the Particle Mesh Ewald (PME) method is disabled.

General Releases
POLARIS(MD) new release Download GNU
POLARIS(MD) trial version, compiled using GFORTRAN v8.1 for linux system and by enabling OPENMP directives, with input files allowing to perform hydration free energy computations regarding the ammonium cation dissolved in a 100 water molecule droplet. Download GNU

Source Code

Due to current licensing restrictions, we cannot freely release the source code to POLARIS(MD). However, source code is available to those wishing to collaborate.

Please contact us to make arrangements.

Structural Data