Welcome to Morpheus

This web site offers a range of tools to analyze transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) on DNA sequences. As input, the programs uses a set of sequences in FASTA format and a matrix (Count Matrix, a Frequency Matrix or Position Weight Matrix- PWM).

PWM can be obtained from databases such as JASPAR or directly generated from a DNA sequence alignment using tools as MEME.

There are 3 programs  available :

  • "Score" allows localizing binding sites in DNA fragments and estimate their score
  • "Occupancy" calculates the predicted occupancy of a DNA fragment using a biophysical model that integrates the different binding sites present on the fragment
  • "ROC-AUC" allows to compare two sets of sequences (such as bound or not bound generated from a ChIP experiment) and evaluate the predictive power of the PWM used. This analysis can be based either on the best score of each region or on the occupancy of the whole fragment.