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Welcome to InterEvScore !

What is InterEvScore?

InterEvScore is a novel scoring function for heteromeric protein interfaces which combines a multi-body statistical potential with evolutionary information derived from coupled multiple sequence alignments for each partner in the complex.

To generate decoys (candidate interfaces) for a pair of proteins, that you will then score using InterEvScore, you can use for instance the docking programs ZDOCK or Hex.


J. Andreani, G. Faure, R. Guerois - InterEvScore: A novel coarse-grained interface scoring function using a multi-body statistical potential coupled to evolution. Bioinformatics. (2013) 29(14):1742-9

Corresponding author:

Click here to download the couples of multiple sequence alignments generated with InterEvolAlign and used in the paper (alignments for 85 complexes of the protein-protein docking benchmark version 4.0 for which the evolutionary information could be retrieved).

How to use InterEvScore?

First, you should download the InterEvScore package.

InterEvScore should be run from the command line using:
[Python_executable] {InterEvScore_directory}/ [running_options]

For instance:
python -p my_PDB_id
                       -f my_complex_file.pdb
                       -a1 alig_for_first_chain.fasta
                       -a2 alig_for_second_chain.fasta
                       -o my_output_file.txt
                       -ch AB
                       -c config_IvS.ini

For more information on InterEvScore settings, configuration, running options, input and output format, see Running InterEvScore.

For more information on the contents of the InterEvScore package see Contents: what is shipped in the InterEvScore package?

For more information on how to analyze the output of InterEvScore, in particular important details about the scoring results and explanation of the clustering analysis, see Analysis of results.

Finally, for help with the installation of InterEvScore and related modules and programs, see Installation.

The FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions - if the answer to your question is not in the help sections or in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The InterEvScore package is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3.0. For more information see the License section.