Welcome to DeStripe

The server uses a denoising protocol for the AFM images that are contaminated with heavy stripes.

1. Input your image
The input file MUST BE A TEXT FILE SAVED BY GWYDDION using image file saved in ASCII data matrix format AND SELECT "ADD INFORMATIONAL COMMENT HEADER option (click on the "download test image file" link for a sample). The size of the image MUST be SQUARE and in a power of 2 (128, 256,...). Largest image size= 1024 pixel.
Beware, at the moment, DeStripe works only on height images.
Please use a simple file name: WITHOUT SPACES OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS (“#&!....)
Upload your image :
Download test image file
2. Getting results
Enter a valid e-mail address where we can send a link to the results when the run is completed.
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If you find this site useful, please cite :
Chen S-wW and Pellequer JL. (2011) DeStripe: frequency-based algorithm for removing stripe noises from AFM images. BMC Struct. Biol. 11: 7.