Summary for Neck Type 1 - Cluster 2

The neck is the head-to-tail interface which is formed by the connector and the tail-completion proteins.  The connector is formed by the portal and the head-completion proteins. (Click here for a general description of the assembly pathway of tailed bacteriophages)


  • Matrix of profile-profile comparison and identity scores between a selection of phages belonging to Cluster 2

    For every pair of phages sharing a given neck type and for all the components of the capsid-neck-tail module they share (out of the nine possible components described below), we calculated the corresponding HHsearch probability and sequence identity scores. The resulting scores are illustrated with colored squares whose size is proportional to the considered score (similarity scores lie in the bottom half matrix while HHsearch probabilities lie in the top half matrix). See legend below for square colors and for identity or HHsearch probability scores.