Welcome to STRIP

The STRIP server predicts the precise interaction site (phospho-threonines, serines or tyrosines) likely involved in an interaction with a phospho-recognition module (FHA, BRCT, SH2, ...). It relies on a combination of conservation, phosphorylation likelihood and binding specificity criteria. It can be used to target specific residues for mutagenesis and dissect the complexity of dense networks of interactions. To date, the method is running on S. cerevisiae proteins.

1. Protein to analyse example
Enter the name of the protein to analyse (restricted to S. cerevisiae proteins).
STRIP handles the short common gene names (such as Rad53, Mec1), the SGD - systematic name or the UniprotKB/Swiss-prot ID.

 Protein :
2. Specific motif to screen example
Select a predefined phospho-recognition module or define the motif to screen. Motifs should be customized using:
  • The phosphorylated residue of interest (pS, pT or pY)
  • The relative position of the residue confering specificity (from -5 to +5)
  • The residue type at this position(one or more acceptable amino-acid, or X to match any)

 Predefined examples :
Current motif : pT
Amino-acid -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
A - Alanine  
C - Cysteine  
D - Aspartic acid  
E - Glutamic acid  
F - Phenylalanine  
G - Glycine  
H - Histidine  
I - Isoleucine  
K - Lysine  
L - Leucine  
M - Methionine  
N - Asparagine  
O - Pyrrolysine  
P - Proline  
Q - Glutamine  
R - Arginine  
S - Serine  
T - Threonine  
U - Selenocysteine  
V - Valine  
W - Tryptophan  
Y - Tyrosine  

Current motif : pT