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InteroPorc is an automatic prediction tool to infer protein-protein interaction networks. It is applicable for lots of species using orthology and known interactions. The interoPORC method is based on the interolog concept and combines source interaction datasets from public databases as well as clusters of orthologous proteins (PORC) available on Integr8.

You can use this page to ask InteroPorc for all species present in Integr8. Some results are already computed and you can run InteroPorc to investigate any other species. If you publish work in which you have used InteroPorc, please cite the associated publication.

Currently, the following databases are processed and merged (with datetime of the last available public release for each database used):

Database Type Last available public release
IntActMolecular interactions2008-08-22
MINTMolecular interactions2008-05-16
DIPMolecular interactions2008-07-08
Integr8Orthologous clusters2008-09-23

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The taxid you have to specify is described in the NCBI Taxonomy database. You can find it using Integr8 website.

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