1. Input
Please, fill-in the two lines below FIRST
number of subunits to combine :
number of distance constraints :
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Enter subunit PDB files and their associated .e6d files :
structure (.pdb) : docking result (.e6d) :
number of docking solutions to consider :
bumps range in Å :      bumps number : 
Enter distance constraints (values, fromXYZ, toXYZ) :
subunits    distance (Å) :    ref. point in a (Å) :    ref. point in b (Å) :
ab    minidealmax    XYZ    XYZ
score z threshold :
(=T-L) in Å
coarse filter :
(distance (Å), angle(°))
fine filter :
(distance (Å), angle(°))
2. Output
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